Toronto Apparel Photographer

Enrique Gabas

Apparel Photography Sample - Toronto
fashion photography sample - Toronto
fashion photography sample - Toronto
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Enrique Gabas is a Toronto commercial photographer who specializes in imaging services aimed to the apparel industry.

He begun his path into clothing and models when hired as full-time in-house photographer at NYGÅRD INTERNATIONAL headquarters to execute on a daily basis off-figure product shots, in studio and runways live models shots. He has formal education in Graphic Design and brings over 15 years of experience in other fields of commercial photography such as Interiors, Architecture and Product Photography.

Enrique offers a wide range of photography services to fashion designers and clothing manufacturers:

  • Studio & Location Lookbook photography
  • Fashion Shows imaging coverage
  • Studio Off-figure Product shots
  • Editorial shots

Enrique works with a versatile team of make-up artists, hair and wardrobe stylists.